Restoration USA Tips: Preventing Mold Damage In South Florida

Mold needs two main things to thrive: food and humidity. Sadly, South Florida seems to offer the perfect combination of these factors. Mold may be ubiquitous around the area, but this doesn’t mean you have to let mold damage happen in your home or business. At Restoration USA, we offer the best mold damage remediation in South Florida. We’ve learned some tricks for preventing mold damage from occurring. While these tips won’t entirely guarantee that you’ll avoid mold damage in  South Florida, they can help to reduce the likelihood of mold developing.

How to Prevent Mold Damage

Mold damage won’t go away on its own, so if you see signs of mold, call our professionals. Below are some of our expert tips for helping to prevent mold damage in your home or business.

  • Keep it Cool. Your HVAC system does more than just cool the air in your home. It also helps to remove moisture from the air in your home. Remember, mold loves humidity. So, keeping your HVAC system up and running can help prevent mold damage from developing or worsening in your home.
  • Clean Water Damage Quickly Mold can develop within as little as 24 hours after water damage has occurred. So, make sure to call professionals for your water damage remediation in South Florida ASAP. Our team at Restoration USA can help with expert remediation!
  • Keep It Clean.Mold thrives in less clean areas of your home. So, make sure to keep everything clean. Clean showers, tubs, and other areas which are exposed to moisture frequently. Make sure to use stronger cleaners, such as bleach, to fully clean these areas.
  • Seal Your Windows Windows and doors can let in moisture without you realizing it. So make sure to routinely check the seals of your windows and doors. If you notice a crack, reseal the window or door. You can use caulking or other materials to make sure everything is properly sealed.
  • Invest In A DehumidifierIf your HVAC system isn’t removing enough humidity from the air, consider investing in a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers help prevent mold damage by removing the excess moisture which may be lingering in the air. And in South Florida, humidity is abundant.

We hope these tips help prevent mold damage in your home or business. If you do notice signs of water damage, mold damage, fire damage, or smoke damage, call on our team at Restoration USA. We offer the best remediation services for these types of damages. We can even work directly with your insurance company to streamline your remediation process.

Go With The Pros!

If you spot mold damage in your home or business, do not try to clean it up yourself. Mold spreads through spores, and improper removal techniques can throw these spores into the air. Airborne mold spores can cause respiratory issues, exacerbate allergies, and they can lead to the spread of mold damage in your home or business. Instead, let our experts help with our professional mold damage remediation in South Florida. Call us today at (866) 745-6428 or visit online at to get started!