Restoration USA Tips: Removing The Odor After A Fire

When faced with a house fire, nothing really goes the way you want. Fire is wild and rarely can be predicted.

Obliterating whatever it touches, fires are a real problem – especially in the home. The necessity of putting out a fire is great, and the aftermath is something to take into account. If everything is not burned, then the structure may remain and some of your personal belongings will be left as well. When all’s said and done, the next step is to restore your home. In doing so, the fire damage and smoke damage will need to be assessed and taken care of.

In order to comfortably return to your home after a fire, you will most likely want to rid everything of the smell left by the smoke. Taking away these awful odors is sometimes a task, but there are some remedies you can use to get the ball rolling.

Blowing Smoke

One of the very first steps is to completely air out the home. With the help of some blowers, this job will be quick work. Setting up the biggest fan you can get your hands on is part of this first step. Opening the front door and facing the fan in will create great results. Opening another door or a window in the house will be needed too. This creates a cycling system that pushes air all throughout the home or business, reaching all the nooks and crannies, with a place for this forced air to go. The second opening creates an exhaust vent for the air to spill out of as the smoke particles are caught and whisked into the air.

 Get to Scrubbing

Sometimes particles are not swept up by the fans, so solid surfaces require some washing. A mixture of some regular household items will help do the trick. With a bucket of water, add a teaspoon of dish soap or shampoo and a quarter cup of white vinegar. This solution can be doubled, tripled or multiplied however many times per gallon of water. With a spray bottle, rinse down surfaces like window sills, tables, countertops, hard floors, and any other solid areas with a towel (or a mop for large areas like floors). Be sure to rinse down with another cloth doused in just plain old water. You may repeat this if necessary.

Voiding the Carpet Debris

For floors that are not solid, vacuums are needed. Using a high efficiency filtered vacuum on carpets will pull up ash, smoke particles and other debris that may be left by the fire. After this, it’s a good idea to steam clean the floors and rid them of the smoky smells.

Screening out the odors

As smoke can spread through the air, some places still are not safe even outside the home. Screens and vanity shutters can come into contact with smoke. Though they are outside, the smell can still be lurking in the house. Take the screens out and wash them with shampoo or dish soap to put them back up to par.


When it comes to cloth, particles easily cling on, especially hot ash. Removing clothes, bedding, and drapes from their locations to wash them is a must. When washing them, sometimes a regular wash is not enough. Dry cleaning can also get expensive when you need to do a wardrobe and more. Using water, a cup of white vinegar and a cup of baking soda will create an avenue for cloth cleaning. Laundering them a few times might be necessary and they should not be dried until the odor is gone. Air drying is recommended but using a dry also works.

Fixing Lights

A commonly looked over detail are the spaces in light fixtures. To get the odors out of the home, a good idea is to remove these fixtures and clean them out carefully. Without drenching them or destroying wires and connections, clean these Taking out smoke from the bulb housing will be a small operation that truly can make a difference.

 Go With The Pros!

When fires occur, it is best to leave some work to the professionals. Fire departments more often than not can extinguish flames and escort you to the services needed to recuperate. What may be needed after is an inspection. Restoration USA offers 24-hour assistance with this process. Our team with over 25 years of experience can check out the structural sound of the property, content inventory, content cleaning/treatment, and floor restoration and replacement. If a fire devastates your home or business, the Restoration USA fire damage team is on standby; we are ready to point you in the right direction and help you escape the nightmarish memories that come from fires.

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