Hurricane Prep Week: Day 5 – Will Your Homeowner’s Insurance Cover The Damages From A Hurricane?

Those that live in a region that experiences hurricanes every year must have an emergency plan in place. Making sure that insurance policies are effective and up-to-date is part of that plan, and part of being hurricane ready. Where the home is located, what type of damage the home could experience, and what the insurance policy actually covers are all things to consider when it comes to hurricanes and homeowners insurance. Keep these things in mind when going over your home insurance policy for hurricane season:

Wind Damage

One of the most common damages a property will experience during a hurricane is wind damage. Usually, wind damage is covered by standard homeowners insurance. But, in some cases, the policy will partially or entirely exclude damages caused by the wind. When hurricane season rolls around, reading the home insurance policy, or contacting an agent, will help you understand what kind of protection your insurance offers for your home and belongings.

Hurricane Deductible

In some cases, if the policy does offer wind damage coverage. Policies may include a separate hurricane deductible that is higher than your usual deductible. If coverage is offered by the policy, coverage limits may apply. These limits can include the cost insurance companies will pay out to rebuild the home, as well as what they’ll pay out to cover the contents of the home.

Review the amount of cover the insurance company provides. Make sure the insurance company will cover the cost of repairing your home from the potential damage of the hurricane.

Flood Damage

In most cases, standard home owners insurance policies do not cover flood damage. This also applies to flooding that was a result of a hurricane. The National Flood Insurance program offers separate flood insurance policies to cover any sort of flood damages.

But, depending on the way the water made in into the home, standard homeowner’s insurance may cover it. For example, if the wind rips the roof off of the house, and rain floods it, then you may be able to file a claim for wind damage and water damage.

Carefully inspect the insurance policy to learn what it does and doesn’t cover. Contact the insurance provider if you have any questions, or to discuss upgrading the policy.

The Importance Of Having Homeowner’s Insurance When A Hurricane Strikes

Hurricanes are entirely capable of rendering a property unable to be lived in. Wind and water, when paired together, make a dangerous disaster cocktail that can destroy large areas of a home or business. If this happens to an uninsured property,  the owner will be left paying for restoration and repairs out of pocket. Damages that hurricanes can cause can cause tens of thousands of dollars to repair. Homeowner’s insurance can alleviate most of the cost for repair, if not all of it.

Make Sure Your Home Is Ready In Case This Happens

Are These Damages Covered?

Is Your Home Ready?

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