What To Do If Your Home Experiences Water Damage

Water damage is a danger that everyone should be weary of. Water damage can happen quietly, and out of site.  There are ways to prevent water damage from happening, but unless you know these steps, it’s likely that you may experience the disaster one day.

The main thing to remember when your home has faced water damage is that you must act quickly. Acting quickly on the damages is a surefire way to stop water damage from being the root of other problems, like excessive loss of property, or beginning the growth of mold. Here are a couple of tips on what you should do if your home ever is damaged by water:

 Get Professional Help

Calling a professional to come handle the job is the best plan of action. People who are unfamiliar with water damage may not know what to do. There are many water damage restoration companies that are trained specifically to handle water damage claims. Getting a professional will help you stay safe, and will minimize damage to your home an personal properties.

  Know The Dangers of Electricity 

Electricity and water don’t mix. Forgetting this simple fact of life can be seriously fatal. You should never enter an area that has standing water if the electricity is still on. If you can find a safe way to do it, turn off the power to areas that have been inundated.

 Avoid Household Vacuums

Shop vacs, and household vacuums are not intended to be used for flood cleanup. Using these types of vacuums to remove water in a flooding situation. Any sort of electrical outlets, electronics, or appliances should not be used in inundated spaces. If possible, you should move electronics and small appliances to a dry area. .

 Contaminated Water

Flood water may contain contaminants.  Never attempt to clean contaminated water up on your own, as it’s a danger to your health and your property. Also, keep in mind the dangers that come with spreading contaminants. Turn off all air conditioning, fans, and heaters off, and also limit foot traffic to stop the spread of contaminants.

Begin The Drying Process

While making sure everything is fully dry make seem like a daunting task, it’s imperative in avoiding mold, mildew, and the potential health risks that come with them. To help speed up the drying process you should:

    • Move all items to a dry area

    • Open all cabinets, drawers, doors, and closets to allow for the proper circulation of air

    • Dry all fabric as soon as possible. Place all items too big for the drier on a clothesline.

    • Place all furniture to large to move on blocks

  • Remove wet area rugs. Never try to move wall-to-wall carpeting by yourself, as it could be dangerous.

example of water damage

Example of water damage

These tips will help save property and avoid any potential health risks that come with water damage.

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