Fire damage, mold, and your home.

  • Fire Restoration

After a fire, your problems have just begun.  Did you know that the residue that’s left behind, including that of fire extinguishers, will most likely have penetrated your entire home- even places the flames never reached?

A Safe Environment, Indoor Air Quality Restored

That’s why your home is not safe until you’ve called in professional fire damage restoration services.  Smoke residues left behind, in addition to possible residue from fuel oil soot, will cause interior air quality pollution that’s not safe to breathe under any circumstances.

You and your family need a breathable environment fast, which is why Restoration USA‘s fire damage remediation team can be there the moment you’re ready.

When you call Restoration USA, you’re getting trained specialists in fire damage remediation.  That means your home will be treated for wet smoke as well as dry smoke residues, in corners of your home you never imagined would be affected.

You see, smoke penetrates even where flames never reached, and leaves harmful residues that make your home unsafe for living until the proper fire damage restoration services have been completed.  Trained technicians know where to look.

Fire – Water Restoration to Minimize Structural Damage- Fast

You’ll also want us there fast to stop resulting water damage from ruining your home and its contents.  From restoring your flooring to ensuring the integrity of your building’s structure, we cover all aspects of fire water restoration, including packing and storage of your home’s contents until your property is restored.   We get there fast and we take care of everything.

Get Help Now: Call Restoration USA at (866) 745-6428

We’ll even help you navigate the red tape that comes with dealing with your insurance company when you submit claims for fire restoration.  Florida insurance companies present property owners with a great deal of paperwork after a damage claim is made, and our staff will happily coordinate everything for you.

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