Restoration USA Tips: Understanding The Risks Associated With Flooding

Florida tends to experience the same weather year-round. This tropical climate seems to attract many people from abroad to move down. With minimal fluctuation, Florida inherits the idea and assumption of beauty. Though not all know, Florida experiences a very wet season around summertime; which can cause problems the average person didn’t even think of.

Since Florida’s elevation is low compared to most other states around the US,  there is always the risk of floods. During the rainy season, this risk skyrockets. Recently, South Florida was hit with a wave of storms that resulted in the flooding of public roads and neighborhoods. Forcing people to get to higher ground or paddle their way around, these floods instantly show that they are no joke. This year, records in many areas for rainfall have been broken. Record breaking is not always a happy process, as we have seen lately. This amount of rain can only be drained at rates that are regularly maintainable, but it seems the sewers are no match for this year’s wave.

Flooding From Last Week's Rain

Flooding From Last Week’s Rain

Living in flood zones

Flood zones are marked out on maps as places that are more at risk than others. This includes areas with lower elevation, like coastal cities FEMA has established zones V and A that describe hazardous areas. Properties located right near the beach are at risk for rising tides and flooding intracostals due to severe rain – zone V. Other zones include areas that are near lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water – zone A. Looking at South Florida in particular, there are tons of areas that qualify. If you live in a flood zone, you probably have already experienced some of the problems that come with these rains. Flooding tends to come right from the gutters onto to streets and even up your driveway. More at-risk areas even have water rising to their doorstep.

Living in less hazardous areas

Flooding is not distinct to lower level areas. Even areas that are further up from the “Base Flood Elevation” (FEMA) are still at risk. Since floods do still occur above these levels, it looks like properties are not all safe from Florida’s recent downpour. Even homes that are less likely to endure floods are taking on more than just minor puddles.

Complications of flooding

Flooding inhibits a long line of problems. When water inches up to a home or other property, it is likely to hinder everyday activity. Whether it be minor walkway obstacles or severe damage issues, no fight with a flood is fun. In the event that water comes into the home, the structural integrity can be imperiled. Starting with that, parts of the building, especially older material, are likely to be damaged. When water comes in contact with walls and floors of a home, warping and bloating seems to follow close behind. With even small amounts of water or humidity, there is a threshold for mold. Mold needs little water to thrive in an area and can come within 48 hours of water contact. This can cause numerous health issues if the problem is not taken care of in a timely fashion.

 What if water does get into my property?

Property damage is a devastating feat that may come into the picture with the existence of unwelcome water. Even when damage is not visible, it could be present. The best way to be sure on how to deal with flood water intrusion is to evaluate the property. Everyone should do routine checks just to be safe, even if your home seems to not be at risk. To assess possible damages, checking the floors and walls for dampness is a good start. If the walls are damp, there is likely water coming into your home. Another great indicator of this is a moist, earthy odor. Smells like this are a great indicator of water invasion.

If your property is potentially damaged by water, experts can surely evaluate the premises. Restoration USA is an experienced team that specializes in detecting damage by floods. At-risk homes and businesses are recommended get assessments and Restoration USA has top-notch equipment to make sure you know what the next step is toward repairing your water damage situation.

Restoration USA Tips: Remodeling After Water Damage

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5 Things To Keep In Mind When Your Home Experiences Water Damage

Whether it’s an overflowing sink, bad weather, a backed up sewer, or even a burst pipe, it’s important that you act as quickly as possible to prevent more damage from occurring. Always call for professional help when water damage occurs, but there are some additional steps the home owner can take to minimize damages. Here are some tips to help you out when the unexpected occurs:

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Water Damage: Know Who To Call Before The Unexpected Occurs

There are many ways water damage can occur. Broken pumps, busted pipes, failed air conditioning units, problems from the fridge, or even inclement weather. While there may be many ways for water damage occur, it doesn’t take much water to cause serious damage to a property. Just an inch or two of water can completely destroy carpets and drywall, warp hardwood floors, cause structural damage, and ruin furniture and other personal belongings.

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What To Do If Your Home Experiences Water Damage

Water damage is a danger that everyone should be weary of. Water damage can happen quietly, and out of site.  There are ways to prevent water damage from happening, but unless you know these steps, it’s likely that you may experience the disaster one day. Read more

Learn How To Spot Water And Flood Damage In Your Home

Water damage is a disaster that can happen to your home quietly, and without you even knowing it’s there. Water damage can be subtle, and it’s important to look for the signs and symptoms of the disaster. The sooner you can spot, catch, and repair water damage, the better. Water damage can cause thousands, sometimes even tens of thousands of dollars to repair, and it’s a headache that no home owner wants to handle.

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Why You Should Call A Professional After A Flood

When you live near the water like many people in Pompano Beach, and the rest of Broward County do, it’s important to remember a potential danger that comes with waterfront living: flooding.

If your home has ever been exposed to a flood, then you know that it’s a scary, and stress inducing situation. The well-being of property, pets, and loved ones will be at the forefront of your mind. It’s important to know what to do if your home and your family is ever exposed to this awful situation.

Living near the water heightens your chances of experiencing a flood. But, rising water is not the only way your home can become flooded. It’s possible that something in your home can be the source of the flooding. Things as simple as a clogged sink or a burst pipe can inundate large areas of your home.

Enter the story of an actual client that Restoration USA experienced in January of 2017. The owner of the home was defrosting chicken in her sink by running water over it. The home owner didn’t realize the chicken was actually blocking the drain in her sink. So, the owner of the home went about her evening and fell asleep for about an hour with the water running. She was awoken to banging on her door from neighbors beneath her in her apartment building. The neighbors said that they were having water dripping from their ceiling. The water that was running in the sink for an hour began to overflow, and entirely flood her kitchen. At the same time, the water seeped through her floor, and through the ceilings of her downstairs neighbors.

Luckily, that homeowner was quick on her feet, and on her phone, to call Restoration USA. Restoration USA was there after-hours to begin the flood clean up service. The homeowner had homeowner’s insurance. Fortunate for her, she didn’t pay a cent for the clean up services, and it was covered entirely by her insurance provider. Also, thanks to her acting quickly, the issue required no more than flood clean-up, and dry out services.

Call A Professional

After experiencing a flood, the best route of action is to call a professional. This rule of thumb can be applied to any disaster your home encounters. Whether its water damage, mold, or even a fire, you should call a professional. While it’s important to call a professional, it’s also important to know whether that person or company is really a professional. There’s many fly-by-night companies that will try to pull wool over the eyes of unsuspecting home owners. You must make sure that any company you allow into your home is licensed, insured, and capable of handling the job you assign them. In the case of the homeowner we discussed earlier, she was lucky, and landed in the hands of Restoration USA. To learn more about what goes into a good home restoration company, check out this earlier post from our blog.

Any Restoration company’s main goal should be to assist the homeowner in their time of need. Another goal for the company is to help the homeowner pay as little as possible. Finding an honest, reputable restoration company can be a challenge. But, through doing research, you can find a licensed company that will take good care of you and your home.

Restoration USA is a fully certified disaster restoration company located in Pompano Beach. Restoration USA restores water damage and fire damage. We also perform mold removal and leak detection, in all of Broward county. Most of the services we perform can be paid for by standard home owner’s insurance. Call us, toll-free, 24/7 at (866) 745-6428 or visit us online to schedule your free evaluation.

Preventing Water Damage in Different Areas of Your Home

A burst pipe, a leaking ceiling, and a faulty water heater. What do these 3 things have in common? 

They could all be the beginning of water damage, a serious danger to all homes. While mold needs certain conditions to be a nuisance, water damage can happen at any moment. It’s important to act quickly when water damage strikes, as it can be the cause of many other problems. For instance, mold can begin to grow in a wet area after only 24 hours. In this post, we’ll be looking at how you can prevent water damage, or catch it before it becomes severe, in different areas of your home.
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What Makes a Good Home Restoration Company?

 What Makes a Good Home Restoration Company?

Fort Lauderdale Restoration

Many home restoration companies serve Fort Lauderdale, Florida. These provide excellent restoration services whether it is for fire, water or even storm damage. However, many homeowners faced with the prospect of seeking the services of a home restoration company for the first time may find it challenging to find the best one to suit their needs.

So, what makes a good home restoration company in this part of Florida?


Any professional business must be backed by the appropriate certification and accreditation by their respective trade organizations. For home restoration companies, it is imperative that they have the necessary certifications for the services that they provide. For the most part, a company that has the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification is guaranteed to provide you with the best and highest quality of home restoration services in the City of Fort Lauderdale. The IICRC offers more than 30 different certification courses whereby home restoration companies can complete a certain minimum number of course work will be able to obtain the much-coveted Clean Trust mark. If you want quality home restoration, look for the Clean Trust mark.

Credibility and Reputation 

While certification from reputable trade associations will certainly assure you of quality services, you might want to look as well to the company’s overall reputation in the community. A good home restoration company is well-regarded and well-respected by members of the community. They will have a unique relationship founded on trust and confidence such that any resident in Fort Lauderdale will be able to rely on their quality workmanship in home restoration services provided by the company.

Excellent Home Restoration Skills 

Home restoration takes tremendous skill. More importantly, it needs a unique understanding of the different aspects of inspection, cleaning, and restoration so that everything will take placed in its proper order despite extensive damage. Consider home restoration companies as plastic surgeons dedicated to bringing life back to water, mold, and fire damaged homes. And in instances where it is impossible to restore damages, the company is always ready with alternative solutions. Such is what makes a good home restoration company in the City of Fort Lauderdale.

Support for Insurance Claims

When your home is damaged due to flood, fire, water, storm or any other disaster, you need a home restoration company who can work with your home insurance company. While they may not necessarily be privy to the inner workings of insurance companies, at the very least they can help you prepare the documents that you will need to obtain compensation for your home restoration project. These companies can help you navigate tricky waters so you won’t end up shortchanged.

So, what makes a good home restoration company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? Appropriate certification, credibility, reputation, remarkable skills, and support for insurance are what makes them great. 

Give Restoration USA a call anytime at 866-745-6428 to truly experience a great restoration company.

Water Damage Resource Center

Restoring your home or business after experiencing water damage, water intrusion, or flood can feel like a formidable task. At Restoration USA we will assist you to become familiar with the methods needed to identify the source of the damage, restore your property in a timely manner, prevent any further damage to your home or business and insure the health and safety of your structure. Restoration USA takes pride in being able to provide step-by-step assistance to help guarantee the safety and integrity of your property and get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Step One:

Determine the location of the water intrusion, if you are not certain; make sure to turn off the main water supply. If at all possible, carefully remove electronic devices from the affected areas.

Step Two:

Contact the professionals at Restoration USA, our 24 hour emergency response teams typically arrive at your property within 40 minutes of your initial call. Using our state-of-the-art equipment we will be able to identify the source of the problem and employ the use of our dehumidification systems to guarantee an effective dry out.  Restoration USA is available to assist with any size project, residential or commercial.

Step Three:

Upon arrival, Restoration USA technicians and specialists will thoroughly examine and evaluate your property damage, and quickly provide you with plan of action. Methods employed typically consist of determining the source of the water intrusion, moving all contents from the water damaged areas, protecting the property from any further damage, commencing water extraction and/or dehumidification procedures, and monitoring the water damaged structure utilizing moisture meters and infrared thermal imaging tracking.

Step Four:

When the water extraction is complete, Restoration USA will inspect the entire structure and all building materials for signs of warping, swelling, mold, and any other potential hidden damage using our state-of-the-art infrared cameras and moisture meters.

Step Five:

Restoration USA is a full-service restoration provider capable of handling all of your structural damage needs: water extraction, leak detection, complete structural restoration, mold testing consultants, mold remediation, and content protection and treatment.  Restoration USA is able to manage all aspects of your restoration project, allowing your property to return back to its pre-existing condition as soon as possible.

Step Six:

Restoration USA’s team, including our insurance claims specialists, work directly with your commercial and/or residential insurance company. We understand this can be a complex process and we at Restoration USA will do our best to streamline the process as much as possible.  Our representatives will be available to meet with your insurance adjusters and representatives at no cost to you.  Our estimators assess and document all of the damages and will work alongside you and your insurance company to secure a fair settlement and minimize downtime. We look forward to getting your property back to its original state as promptly as possible.

Step Seven:

SUCCESS! Restoration USA has completed your job!  You are now ready to settle back into your home or business with the peace of mind knowing your property has been completely restored.

For Immediate Assistance please contact Restoration USA at 1-866-745-4628