Restoration USA Tips: Detecting Hidden Leaks in Pompano Beach

When most people think about leaks, they think about dramatic pipe bursts or leaking appliances. But at Restoration USA, we work with all kinds of water damage and leaks in Pompano Beach. We know that water damage can stem from a wide variety of sources, and not all are quite as obvious at the beginning. For example, roofing leaks may not be apparent right away, but when they’re left unnoticed, they can cause considerable damage. The same goes for leaking windows or seams. Our professionals at Restoration USA offer water damage and leak assessments. We also offer the best remediation in Pompano Beach. Suspect a leak? Give us a call!

What are signs of roof or window leaks?

Roofing leaks and window leaks are types of water damage in Pompano Beach which may not be as easy to spot right away. But, you can keep a lookout for signs of these leaks. At Restoration USA, we can help with our home inspection and leak assessment services. The longer you leave a water leak untreated, the worse the damage will be. This is why it’s important to keep a vigilant lookout for telltale signs of leaks.

Roofing Leaks

For roofing leaks, there are many signs that you may have an issue. Roofing leaks in Pompano Beach are more common than you may think. Older roofing and storm damage are just a few factors that can contribute to roofing leaks. Signs of roofing leaks include:

    • Missing shingles or broken tiles
    • Water spots on exterior walls
    • Damaged flashing
    • There is algae or mold on your roof
    • Shingles are bubbling
  • Water spots

If you’re seeing these signs, it’s time to call our experts at Restoration USA for your remediation services. We can repair water damaged structures, along with removing any mold that develops. Pompano Beach is home to many harmful mold species, so it’s important to get the best mold remediation asap.

Window Leaks

Windows are another point where water damage can occur. Many people aren’t sure how to spot water damage related to windows and doors. There are some signs you can keep an eye out for when it comes to window leaks:

    • Rain finds its way inside
    • Bubbling paint around the windowsill
    • You can feel outside air blowing around the window seams
    • Peeling paint on an interior wall near the window
  • Cracks in caulking

If you see these or other signs, it’s time to call on our team at Restoration USA. We offer complete leak inspection services. We can determine the source of your window leak, and we can fix the related water and mold damage in Pompano Beach.

Call the experts today!

At Restoration USA, we are committed to helping keep your home in shape. Our water and mold damage experts can assess and address your damages. We can get your home back to normal, fighting mold and water damage in Pompano Beach with the latest tools and techniques. Seeing signs of roofing leaks, window leaks, water damage, mold damage, or other issues? Give our team at Restoration USA a call today!

4 Signs You Need Professional Leak Detection in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a popular city known for many things. Humidity, sun, and sand are abundant all around the city. But, Florida’s humidity can be a danger when it comes to mold and water damage. At Restoration USA, we offer the best leak detection and mold removal in Fort Lauderdale, FL. If you see signs of a leak or mold problems, we encourage you to call our experts at Restoration USA for the best mold removal and remediation.

How do I know if I need leak detection in Fort Lauderdale, FL?

Sometimes, water damage may not be obvious right away. We’ve put together some signs of leaks to keep an eye out for. If you see any of these signs, it’s time to give us a call! It’s time to get leak detection in Fort Lauderdale. Signs of water leaks include:

  • Higher than normal water bills. If you see an increase in your water bills without an increase in use, there is a strong chance that you have a leak on your hands. If you suspect a leak, it’s time to call our team at Restoration USA for your leak detection in Fort Lauderdale.
  • Dripping sounds. If you’re hearing strange sounds in your walls, such as dripping or running sounds that won’t stop, you may have a leak. With our leak detection services, we can help identify and treat your leak issues.
  • Reduced water pressure. Reduced water pressure is one of the biggest signs that you’re dealing with a leak. This is because the pipes are having a hard time maintaining proper water pressure when there’s a leak. If you suspect a leak, our team at Restoration USA can help.
  • Earthy smells. Do you smell musty or earthy odors in certain rooms? If so, you may have mold issues. There are many different types of mold, and our experts at Restoration USA can help address your leak detection and mold removal in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Do you suspect a leak in your home? Water damage can quickly become mold damage, so it’s important to address the issue quickly. At Restoration USA, we offer expert services such as leak detection and mold removal in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Mold won’t go away on its own. In fact, mold damage only gets worse as this organic material continues to grow. An expert approach is crucial to your mold removal!

Call team Restoration USA today!

Mold removal and leak detection in Fort Lauderdale, FL can be complex. But, our team at Restoration USA can help. We offer many services, including leak detection, mold removal, fire damage restoration, and more. We offer 40 minute response times with 24/7 service. Our restoration experts use the latest techniques and equipment to provide top quality services.

Do you suspect a water leak? If so, give our team at Restoration USA a call! With our leak detection services, we can identify the leak at its source. We also offer restoration for water damage and mold removal in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Call us today to get started!

The Many Tools Of A Water Damage Restoration Technician

Non-Penetrating vs Penetrating Moisture Meter

For the average run of the mill woodworking operation, you have an option of two types of moisture meters available. On one hand, you have penetrating moisture meters and on the other, you have non-penetrating moisture meters. Penetrating meters measure the electrical resistance or conductance of the wood substance. Penetrating meters incorporate two pin electrodes which are driven into the wood fibers and directly measure electrical resistance or conductivity.

The second type of moisture meter relies on the dielectric properties of wood. The meter uses two pads which serve as rubber electrodes that transmit and receive a signal when pressed into the wooden substance. The pad type moisture meter is non-penetrating in nature and requires only surface contact with the wood to obtain a reading. The non-penetrating meter creates a low-frequency electrical wave between the two pads and measures the electrical properties of the wood, similar to the invasive penetration meter.

Find The Moisture

Locating high moisture within buildings is essential in locating leaks that may not be visible to the naked eye. Moisture content is measured in the same manner as wood and displayed in Wood Moisture Equivalent, or WME. WME is the theoretical moisture content that the substance would contain if it were wood. Moisture meters are used to measure the percentage of water in any given substance. This information can and will be used to determine if the material in question is ready for use or if it’s surprisingly wet, dry, or otherwise in need of further inspection. Products made out of wood and paper are very sensitive to their moisture levels. Physical properties are strongly affected by moisture content and a high moisture content sustained for a long period of time may deteriorate a material. Newly-cut logs can have a moisture content of 80% or more, depending on the tree.

Dry It Out

Wood shrinks, splits, twists around or just changes shape as it dries. Therefore, most wood is thoroughly dried before being used. Though the air-drying technique is the most commonly known method, it is also considerably slower than using a tool, which is what a water technician would do, especially in the case of housing. Did you know that in most parts of the United States, the minimum moisture content that can be obtained in air drying is about 12 to 15 percent? Building inspectors, carpenters, hobbyists, other woodworkers, and much more are often required to have moisture meters. The moisture content reading can also help in planning a project design that will accommodate future changes in the dimensions caused by changes in relative humidity.


The amount of overall shrinkage lumber will undergo in the drying process varies from wood species to wood species. Woods such as mahogany, are less prone to distortion caused by changes in moisture content. Woods with a high ratio of tangential/radial, such as white pine and certain species of oak. For wood that is used in making furniture, wood floors, or during the construction of any building project, the ideal state is one of equilibrium moisture content (EMC). EMC means that the wood is in balance with the relative humidity in its surrounding environment, and is therefore neither gaining or losing in moisture content. In reality, however, it is almost impossible for an environment to keep a constant fixed relative humidity, and some degree of dimensional change along with seasonal changes in relative humidity is to be expected.


A hygrometer is a tool used by water technicians designed for measuring the water vapor in a given atmosphere. Humidity measurement tools usually rely on the measurements of some other quantity such as temperature, pressure, mass or an electrical change in a substance as moisture is absorbed. By thorough calibration and calculation, these measured quantities can lead to a measurement of humidity levels in the atmosphere. Most modern electronic devices nowadays use the temperature of condensation, or changes in electrical resistance to measure the humidity differences in the atmosphere. The first hygrometer was invented by Leonardo Da Vinci all the way back in the 1480’s. Then a contemporary version of the hygrometer was created by Johann Heinrich Lambert in 1755.


A dehumidifier is a semi-common household appliance that reduces the level of humidity in the air, hence the name. Usually for either health or comfort reasons or maybe to get rid of that musty stench. Large dehumidifiers are also used in commercial buildings like indoor ice rinks to control the humidity level. The sole purpose of dehumidifiers is to extract water from the conditioned air. Most portable dehumidifiers are equipped with a condensate collection receptacle. These usually with a float sensor that detects when the collection receptacle is full. This is to shut off the dehumidifier and prevent an overflow of collected water. In humid environments, these buckets will typically fill up with water in 8 to 12 hours. They may need to be manually emptied and replaced several times per day to ensure a continuous operation.

Ionic Membrane Dehumidifier

There are some designs that dispose of the excess water in a vapor form rather than a liquid form. These types of dehumidifiers are known as ionic membrane dehumidifiers and an ionic membrane dehumidifier.  The solid polymer electrolyte membrane is a low power, steady-state dehumidifier for enclosed areas where maintenance is difficult. SPE systems generally do not have high dehydration capacities, but the process is maintenance free. The process also requires very little electrical energy to operate. Using no moving parts, these qualities make the ionic membrane silent in operation. They’re also very reliable over long periods of time.

Restoration USA Tips: What Are Some Common Insurance Claims That Restoration USA Receives?

Restoration USA has been in the field for over 25 years. Sometimes inquiries consist of a lot of questions that may need a few links to answer. Though we get a steady flow knocks, we like to finish the conversation on a positive note without the need for head scratching.

Some common claims have to do with a larger general spectrum like fire damage, leak detection, mold inspection and remediation, and water damage. What do we cover and how do we do our work?

Leak Detection

We run into leak detection inquiries all the time. Leaks can occur in any home or business. It can be made of the most modern materials on the market or be the oldest house in the neighborhood – leaks can happen anywhere. Some common causes of leaks are old pipes, poorly constructed plumbing systems, and pipe/drain clogs. When pressure builds up from a clog, pipes can burst. Systems built improperly could already contain leaks that just went unnoticed. Old pipes, of course, can become brittle and break even without a catalyst.

How will I know if there is a leak? Leaks often show signs early on, like puddles in the home, wet carpets and walls, a drop in water pressure, damp smells, and increase in your monthly water bill.

So what do we do to help? Our team uses IICRC certified technology to detect leaks without the need to excavate the home or break down countless square footage of walls. We will investigate the cause and pinpoint where it started. With the least invasive surgery to your property, we will go in and assess the problem and fix it.

Water Damage

Water extraction is a service homeowners frequently require. When this dangerous element enters the home it can weaken the structure and destroy your personal belongings.

Where does it come from? Well, there are a number of causes; the most common being storms, flooding, and leaking pipes. Natural and manmade disasters can occur in the home and welcome water’s arrival.

What are some signs of water damage before it gets out of hand? When water touches surfaces, it soaks in and weakens materials. It is hard to see this without taking a close look. For instance, walls may start to bloat or warp. When it goes a little further, the structure may be weak and walls may break and parts of the interior structure could collapse. Before this happens, it is important to get the premises inspected and the damage taken care of. Our goal is to help you remove this water. We will map out the process by using thermal imaging to find the source and where it is most problematic, remove what parts need replacement, extract the water with professional drying systems, and deodorize the home.

Mold Removal

Problems with water often lead to mold infestation and mold removal is a familiar claim. Since mold requires little moisture to thrive, Florida’s climate lays down a risk. Leaks and water damage can also lead to mold growth. A sick house displays symptoms too. Earthy smells and wall streaks tend to be the first to show up.

So how does mold come so quickly and out of nowhere? Unfortunately, mold can start flourishing with minimal water. Just a day’s humidity can create an avenue for mold to march on in and spread. The onset of mold can come within the first 48 hours of the presence of water. When moisture is trapped behind walls and fixtures, mold easily can populate.

Mold is a well-known hazard. It can affect some more than others, but all in all, needs to be taken care of regardless. We specialize in this area as well. Mold remediation requires much more than just some scrubbing. It actually could be spread even faster with some elbow grease from someone who is untrained. With knowledge of how mold grows, our professionals are able to take into account the threat. HEPA filtered negative pressurization is one of the processes we use to remove mold in a very safe fashion. Using industrial air scrubbers is a means of removing the nasty aromas; along with deodorizing.

Fire Damage

As we all know, disasters do occur. Fires commonly devastate homes and businesses when they do happen. Fortunately, it is not always a total loss. When fires don’t destroy everything, that means there is hope. At Restoration USA we help repair fire damage to restore your home or business back to it’s potential.

Numerous events can spark a fire – faulty equipment, candles, stoves and other items left burning, lightning from thunderstorms, and even arson. Fires can start anywhere in the home if someone isn’t paying attention.

What happens to my property after the fire is put out? Usually, any size fire emits more smoke than it seems like it should. Everything that air touches, so does the smoke. This will create an overcoming odor in the residence. Restoration USA will help remove the stench. To do this, we clean the contents and deodorize the house. We provide ozone treatment and flooring replacement and restoration.

What happens to my stuff? Restoration USA knows your belongings are important. After ensuring your home is structurally sound, we will help create content inventory, pack, and store your possessions.

 How We Operate

Restoration USA works directly with you and your insurance company to smoothen the bumps in the road. Another aspect to be utilized is our emergency service. Even when something goes bump in the night, we offer 24-hour services. With over 25 years of experience Restoration USA should be your go-to for restoration inquiries and services. Call us at (866)-745-6428 for an assessment. We will arrive within 40 minutes or work efficiently with your schedule to give you a free inspection.

What Makes a Good Home Restoration Company?

 What Makes a Good Home Restoration Company?

Fort Lauderdale Restoration

Many home restoration companies serve Fort Lauderdale, Florida. These provide excellent restoration services whether it is for fire, water or even storm damage. However, many homeowners faced with the prospect of seeking the services of a home restoration company for the first time may find it challenging to find the best one to suit their needs.

So, what makes a good home restoration company in this part of Florida?


Any professional business must be backed by the appropriate certification and accreditation by their respective trade organizations. For home restoration companies, it is imperative that they have the necessary certifications for the services that they provide. For the most part, a company that has the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification is guaranteed to provide you with the best and highest quality of home restoration services in the City of Fort Lauderdale. The IICRC offers more than 30 different certification courses whereby home restoration companies can complete a certain minimum number of course work will be able to obtain the much-coveted Clean Trust mark. If you want quality home restoration, look for the Clean Trust mark.

Credibility and Reputation 

While certification from reputable trade associations will certainly assure you of quality services, you might want to look as well to the company’s overall reputation in the community. A good home restoration company is well-regarded and well-respected by members of the community. They will have a unique relationship founded on trust and confidence such that any resident in Fort Lauderdale will be able to rely on their quality workmanship in home restoration services provided by the company.

Excellent Home Restoration Skills 

Home restoration takes tremendous skill. More importantly, it needs a unique understanding of the different aspects of inspection, cleaning, and restoration so that everything will take placed in its proper order despite extensive damage. Consider home restoration companies as plastic surgeons dedicated to bringing life back to water, mold, and fire damaged homes. And in instances where it is impossible to restore damages, the company is always ready with alternative solutions. Such is what makes a good home restoration company in the City of Fort Lauderdale.

Support for Insurance Claims

When your home is damaged due to flood, fire, water, storm or any other disaster, you need a home restoration company who can work with your home insurance company. While they may not necessarily be privy to the inner workings of insurance companies, at the very least they can help you prepare the documents that you will need to obtain compensation for your home restoration project. These companies can help you navigate tricky waters so you won’t end up shortchanged.

So, what makes a good home restoration company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? Appropriate certification, credibility, reputation, remarkable skills, and support for insurance are what makes them great. 

Give Restoration USA a call anytime at 866-745-6428 to truly experience a great restoration company.

Identify Some Indications of Water Leakage in Your Home

Your house looks aesthetically beautiful. It is made considering key architectural values so that your house can reflect the best aspect of your preferences. But it cannot go for a longer, if there is a water leakage problem in your house.

These days, numerous residents are badly affected by the problematic water leakage, having their house damaging architecturally day-by-day. Leak service providers are offering non-invasive leak detection services using advanced tools and techniques like FLIR infrared camera and other devices.

It is a very common thing to have water leakage in your house and not even identify it on the right time. Most of people fail to recognize the problem, which, in coming days, cause them to bear unexpected outlays and inconvenience. Take a moment and look at some common indications to identify the problem.

Here are the indications that require your immediate action:

Moist Ground: The area nearby your house should be dry, if is not a rainy season. In that case, if you find it moist or mushy, you should immediately get in touch with water leakage detection service provider. If you overlook the indication and don’t take a proper action on time, it can damage the foundation of your house severely.

Damp spots on Surface and wall: It is very common to find damp spots in a house. Most of the houses have frequent spills or discolored areas just because of hidden water leakage and we generally overlook the problem considering it as a minor one.

Moist smells: Getting moist odor in home indicates towards hidden leakage somewhere in your house. It doesn’t only damage your house, but puts negative impacts on your health as well. So, you should not delay in contacting leak repair service for your house.

Changes in your water meter: If you find mysterious variations in your water meter, it means water is leaking somewhere in your house. You can check it by turning off all the appliances and other things that make use of your water and still it is reading drastic fluctuation, you need to consider contacting a service provider.

Roof Leak

Any homeowner dreads the signs of a leaky roof.  It’s never a small ordeal, and who knows how long

the leak has been there undetected, before you noticed the visible signs of water damage.

You could try and find the leak yourself, but prepare to spend hours, days, even weeks trying to locate a

leak that may not even originate in your roof.   Many property owners don’t know this, but very often

what looks like a roof leak actually has nothing at all to do with your roof!

That’s why you need a professional team like what you get when you call Restoration USA.  Rather

than struggling yourself to figure out where your roof leak came from, why not get to the heart of the

matter quickly before further damage sets in?

Fixing a leaky roof entails a lot more than most people imagine.  Determining the cause means

checking the heating/AC system, searching out the causes of condensation under your roof, checking

for leaky pipes within your structure, or even just a loose valve hidden from sight.

Restoration USA’s roof leak services team will perform a thorough, professional investigation of your

home or commercial property.  Only then can they  determine whether you actually have a roof leak or

if you have a problem with your plumbing system, for example.

Are you a roofing expert?  Fixing a leaky roof requires expertise in the areas of roofing, plumbing, and

all matters of construction.  Up on your roof, we’ll check the seals on your plumbing vents, the flashing

installation, and the most common cause of roof leaks under the Florida sun: rotting, damaged or loose


Call (866) 745-6428 for Roof Leak Services from Friendly Professionals

Fix a plumbing leak quick & easy.

Imagine arriving home from a holiday and discovering that a plumbing leak has flooded your home, destroying your premises along with your items. Not only this, however, you face considerable structural damage on account of water infiltration.
Homeowners realize you’ll find nothing quite as damaging to residence like a plumbing leak that goes unnoticed till it really is too late. Restoration US supplies plumbing leak detection so this will not happen to you, whether youare a homeowner or an owner or director of industrial property.
Contact Restoration USA (866) 745-6428, We Will Be There In 40 mintes

Call us when you think a leak, and you can expect us at your door within 40 minutes. You will need fast assistance when a plumbing leak has been detected, which is why we’ll be there instantly, to find your flow quickly and get it fixed before more harm is performed.
Should you merely think a leak, don’t hesitate to demand plumbing leak detection in this instance, too. Or if you have a little dripping flow, call us straight away even then. A drip might appear like merely a small amount of water, but over the span of twenty four hours, and day after day you have got potential water damage in your fingers, as well as a fierce water bill!
We not simply identify leaks, we also perform plumbing leak repair. FL houses are particularly prone to injury because of A/D launch overflow conditions, which are popular of this type of the united states. This could be the most destructive form of leak, since it can go undetected at first.
Phone Restoration USA for leak detection services to help you be assured you can find no hidden leaks at home or industrial property.
Frequently, by the moment home manager notices the flow, it is too late and countless dollars’ worth of injury has occurred. Even worse, the flow also can cause mold damage as well as damage to the architectural reliability of the house. Then you’re experiencing 1000s of dollars in damage.
Contact (866) 745-6428 — 24/7